Jeff’s Story

On 6-11-2013 Jeff was diagnosed with a Stage 4 Glioblastoma brain tumor. After all options were carefully considered, he headed home under hospice care, with a diagnosis of 4 to 6 weeks to live. Support from family and friends has been nothing short of tremendous, not surprising to anyone who has met Jeff. We have started this site in order to make it easier for our family and friends to be able to keep updated on how he is doing and to share love and prayers. Please feel free to leave a note and/or story about Jeff and how he has touched your life. Exodus 15:2 The LORD is my strength and my song, and he has become my salvation; this is my God, and I will praise him, my father’s God, and I will exalt him.


14 thoughts on “Jeff’s Story

  1. My prayers are with you and your family for the blessings of family and friends during this time. May G-D bless you with strength during this time.

  2. Jeff,
    I just wanted to let you know i was thinking about you, You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I heard the news today and it hurts my heart. I remember many great conversations we had at R&R (even the ones about GMRIM 🙂 ). Take Care of yourself and May God Bless.

    Carrie Golden

  3. Jeff
    So very sad to hear this news…I remember the days on Pointview and you always having a smile – because you boys were always getting into mischief! oh the stories I heard and you guys thought I wasn’t listening….
    I loved seeing your pictures and what a wonderful husband and father you are…please know that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers..

  4. Jeff,
    Thinking and praying for you and your family. I have a story I would like to share that I have referred to many times while raising our kids.
    Our children were all young at the time and I was taking them to church without help from Don . This was before Don was saved.
    It was not a easy time when David was 2-3 years old. He was not behaving in church and I would have to take him out of church and correct him, which usually ended up in spanking him.
    One Sunday I had enough and sat in the hall by the restrooms and was done with it all. You came over to me and ask me if I needed help and I told you I was going to stop coming to church because it was to hard to teach him to sit in church and obey. You said, ” it will get easier , just continue to do what you are doing. ” then you prayed with me and I remembered those words week after week.
    I believe your encouragement and the fact you genuinely cared helped me during that season of my life, raising young children in church.
    Thank you and bless you .

  5. Jeff Crews has always and will continue to be one of my children’s very favorite people. Not only is Jeff a great husband, Dad, Grandfather and friend, but in the stomach of Joel and Kate, a chef extraordinaire! Jeff’s homemade waffles and pancakes are legendary that I had only heard about until today. Kate and I had the incredible opportunity of going to the Crew’s home before church to have homemade pumpkin waffles. As we walked through the door the smell of cinnamon, nutmeg and butter drew us into the kitchen. Jeff was manning the Mickey Mouse waffle iron while Janey was serving up coffee. Colleen stirred the warm butter and cinnamon syrup and quickly spooned it over the hot pumpkin waffles. The first bite was amazing – the pumpkin, the butter, the spice all together was like a warm taste of Thanksgiving all in the shape of Micky Mouse. As Brody looked for a wiffle bat buddy, London played with her Zebra, Thelma, and little dog, Peppermint Stick. Little Lylah sat her Dad’s arms eating a bite or two of the best waffles I had ever had. Abby, John and Janey made quick work of the dishes and soon Kate and I were headed off to church. I can now cross off of my bucket list experiencing Jeff’s renowned waffles. When Steve would love a great meal, he would call it a “Great,Grand and Glorious glut fest”. I can not think of any higher compliment to give you than the “3 G’s”. Thank you for allowing Kate and me to share your waffles and the warmth of your family. It will always be one of my cherished memories. I dearly love you all, Cheryl

    • Cheryl,

      I’ve think I’ve read this 10 times since you wrote it yesterday! Such a sweet note and the highest compliment dad could receive- the 3 G’s! Thank you for coming and thank you for being such a great family friend! Love you tons!

    • 🙂 This is great. A vivid picture of the whole happy family. This is how I have always known the Crews family to be. Thank you, Jeff, for being such an inspiring, positive energy in so many peoples lives! My prayers go out to the entire family.

  6. Jeff you have always been one of the most positive people I know. Always had a smile on your face. Your tender heart was evident. I can’t point to just one incident, it was your demeanor.
    I am praying for you and asking God for a miracle. God is able and I am asking that He will just do it. The doctors will be dumbfounded. Let it be God!
    I love you guys and will continue to pray.

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  8. Jeff we haven’t had much contact for several years/but every time I would see you my spirit would brighten up. I cant hardly wait to see your smile on the other side. I will continue to pray for your family. bill gaver

  9. Jeff,
    Sorry we lost touch but I remember when you came to visit us in DC
    My brother Rod also has fond memoires of that visit.
    Hang in there.

    Marc Rotterman

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