June 27, 2013

       Hello all! Jeff has been doing really well! This week he even had his catheter taken out! He is continuing the steroid to decrease swelling and the only complaint he really has is that he is more tired than usual- this could be due to the non-stop fun he has been having!

         Saturday night was a blast and thank you again to all of the family and friends who came over! We ate Flying Pizza and all sorts of desserts including a delicious frozen watermelon that Jay Chapa and family brought over from Friendly’s. Chapa- listening to you tell stories was fun for everyone- you are hilarious and Jeff loved seeing you! (BIG THANKS to Ryan Chapa for hooking us up with some grub last week too!!!) It was rough saying goodbye to Tim and Janet Healy but we are all very excited that they will be coming back to town for the 4th of July!

         Sunday Jeff had another great day- “like Christmas” is what he has been saying about every day that we all spend with family and friends together. Two of his best friends from his childhood came over and hung at the house. Again we all got to hear some hilarious old stories- including Jeff holding a record for fastest trip from Dayton to Cincinnati. He was in his 20’s and we won’t mention the actual amount of time that his friends swore on- lets just say it is a true blessing, again, that Jeff has been able to become such an amazing man. While some are hilarious and some are a bit concerning, these stories that keep pouring in about Jeff (before he was saved and married Colleen) have acted as an amazing reminder to all of us that no matter how you are leading your life it can always be turned around and made into something beautiful. It has majorly touched us kids to hear that our dad was so wild in his younger days and became the most honest, humble and loving man that we all know. Love you tons Dad!!!!!

        On Monday London, Lylah and Brody(his grandchildren) all spent time at the house with papa. Mandy Rector-Hayward came in from Tennessee to visit all of us and help out too. Jeff loved seeing her and so did our family! While Lylah napped Brody and London headed to Aunt Chrissy’s pool and had a blast! Thank you again Chrissy for your help!! During that time Janey’s friend from high school came over and did relaxation massages for Colleen and Jeff. Oriana- we loved being able to see you and thank you for putting your skills to good use! That evening was wonderful- weather was beautiful and we all sat as a family on the back patio and had dinner.

        Tuesday Jeff headed to a casino in Cincinnati with some friends of his. The highlight of the trip for him was the all-you-can-eat buffet. This was hilarious to all of us because he has been eating like a horse. It must’ve been a sight! Though he didn’t gamble he said he had a great time! While he was out Colleen, Grandma Healy, Aunt Christy, Mandy and Janey all hung out together and blabbed then headed to the Greene for dinner. It was great to spend time together and see Mandy while she was in town.  

        Wednesday a doctor from Hospice came in and reviewed Jeff’s condition. It seemed apparent to her that the initial 4-6 weeks diagnosis was going to be easily passed. Because everyone is different it is very hard for any doctor to tell us all exactly what to expect. We are enjoying the good times and taking it day by day. Jeff has asked again about the process that he would go through if he were to have surgery and still stands firm with his decision. We all are supporting him and Colleen. Please continue to pray and thank you again for all of your support!

Today we have set up a meal train account for our parents. Everyone keeps asking what they can do to help and the one thing that keeps coming up is dinner. Meal train has a little calendar setup where you can arrange dinner for the evening, instructions are all on the site and you can also contact Janey at (937) 572-8851 or janecrews87@gmail.com. Below is the link…thank you all again!!!




3 thoughts on “June 27, 2013

  1. So happy to have found this site! Jeff, you always new how to light up a room or “call center” with your infectious smile. Heard about things from a friend and have been thinking of you and praying for you and your family. Sounds like God has been with you all along! Stay Strong… Remember, only God knows the plan! Keep fulfilling those dreams and making memories! Oh… and keep that happy smile!

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